G. & G. V. Kadiwala & M.V. Bunki Sarvajanik High School

Our History

G.& G.V.Kadiwala and M.V.Bunki Sarvajanik High School was established on 11th June 1945.It was establish by Diwanbahdur Shree C.M.Gandhi. Mr Gordhanbhai kadiwala and Gandabhai has paid Rupees Eighteen Thousand and given 2000  yard land by inspiration of Manharlal Gordhanandas Kadiwala .The school was formally started in Sagrampura Kabir Mandir on 11/06/1945,which was inaugurated by president of surat municipal corporation Dr C.J.Ghiya the sarvajanik Education society has decided to construct a new building at “Dahelvi Road” which is now known as J.P.Road Sagrampura on the land donated by shree Gandabhai Gordhanbhai Kadiwala.

The construction of the new building was completed at the year 1960.the opening of the new building was done by Shree C.D. Deshmukh,chair main of University grant commission and the school had given a new name G.& G.V.Kadiwala and M.V.Bunki Sarvajanik High School.There after in the year 1962 a new class of standard eleven was started and there by the school became the complete one .In 1970 was celebrated as silver jubilee year and 1994 -1995 school were started computer classes.

 In our school students are coming from various locality of surat city like Sagrampura,Salabatpura,Navsaribazar,Rudarpura,Majuragate,Pandesara,Althan,Bhathena,Mandarwaja,Udhana Etc. Our school pusses a library, computer class, a Laboratory, big play ground, E-Learning classes and Audio Visual equipment. Our school have well qualified Educational staff.

Our Moto is to provide an education to the needy and poor students without discriminating by cast and creed. We hope that all our students succeed and with progress and fame.