G. & G. V. Kadiwala & M.V. Bunki Sarvajanik High School

Vision / Mission / Values

Vision /Mission

1.Education is the best tool to change the person and mission is to prepare the students to understand, imagine, discover, innovate and contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society. 

2.We will ensure that our students develop both skills and values required to meet the challenges and convert them in to happy and purposeful like. 

3.We will also make sure that our children grow in to good human beings who display high degree of moral, scientific, spiritual values, sensitivity,  integrity ,good citizenship and respect for human diversity. 

4.We will also lead in giving our students the oratorical and practical knowledge that enables them to think globally and act locally. 

5.We will develop a school that produces major gains in student achievement and helps make the neighborhood in which it is located a much more pleasant place  to live and learn.